We provide transport service for beneficiaries with mobility issues.  This service is non-chargeable and is available for:

  • Therapy services and swimming
  • Tuition
  • Medical appointments to and from the hospital
  • Appointments with Club Rainbow social service staff
  • Club Rainbow event


Parent Support Group

Have you ever felt helpless about not knowing what you can do to help your child with chronic illness? Have you ever felt lonely that no one understands what you are going through and are unable to identify with your pent-up emotions? Had any or all ofthese thoughts in your mind?

If your answer is YES to any of the above, the PSGs are tailored especially just for your needs!

PSGs consist of 12 groups. Each support group is led by a CRS parent/volunteer as facilitator and a CRS staff/volunteer as co-facilitator. PSGs members are encouraged to meet at least once every quarter. A good opportunity to widen and build up your social network with parents who are in the same situation as you. 


Youth Programme

Whether you are a beneficiary, a sponsor wanting to get involved, or a corporate partner of Club Rainbow Singapore (CRS), this will be an exciting year with a program in the pipeline targeted at our youths!

To better engage our young men and women, CRS is planning to launch an inaugural Youth Programme with a series of workshops, talks, Youth Day outings, Youth Camp and more on an annual basis.

The objectives are simple: To prepare and equip our young adults with the necessary information, knowledge and skills so that they can enter society with confidence; and to provide them with a platform to befriend and exchange views with other CRS youths.

Since it is all about engaging the youths with meaningful activities, we want to gather as many suggestions as possible from our members and others who are involved in CRS activities right from the planning stage. It could be a detailed suggestion on the kinds of events you think would be beneficial to our young participants, or a simple feedback on what you think of our plan to launch a youth-centred program.